Achilles Street Hawk Sport

Ultra-High Performance All-Season Tire

The all-new Street Hawk Sport is an ultra-high-performance tire that’s ready for the road or even the track. This UHP tire balances handling, high-speed stability, braking power and grip, with its unique asymmetrical tread design. Its tread blocks are strategically placed to improve traction, resist wear and reduce rolling resistance giving sporty steering control and grip around corners. The Street Hawk Sport’s circumferential grooves from contact immediately evacuate water on wet roads.

Warranty: 50,000 Miles / 80,000 Kilometers

Features and Benefits

Street & Track Ready

Asymmetrical tread design delivers powerful braking
and traction on racetracks and roads.

Exceptional Traction & Handling

Advanced rubber compound and supportive tread
blocks enhance grip and control behind the wheel.

Reduced Roll Resistance

Built to last and improve
driving efficiency.