Achilles Touring Sport A/S

Performance All-Season Tire

The all-new Touring Sport A/S brings reliable all-season performance for your drive. Its cutting-edge, optimized tread pattern evenly distributes weight across the contact area, enhancing traction on dry and wet roads, while sipes in the tread blocks boost stability providing predictable handling. Sporting a chic, modern look, the Touring Sport A/S' s innovative design also efficiently reduces road noise while delivering a smooth ride.

Warranty: 55,000 Miles / 88,000 Kilometers

Features and Benefits

Cutting Edge, Elegant Design

Sleek look and innovative technology generate
true all-season performance on wet and dry roads.

Excellent Handling

Continuous sipes increase steering response
and control when turning.

Quiet, Comfortable Ride

Optimized tread design and large contact patch
produce a calm, quiet driving experience.